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Finally, Forever

Finally, Forever - Katie Kacvinsky I will admit that I didn't read the previous two books in this series, but this book was written in a way where you didn't really need the previous two books to know what was happening with the characters.

The characters in this book were quirky. We meet the main characters: Gray, a college baseball player, and Dylan, a photographer that goes where the wind takes here, when they happen to meet outside a dinner in Nebraska. They are each the love of the other's life, but things happened that caused them to take a break eighteen months prior As they start their journey back to Arizona, they both discover that the reasons they broke up are still there, but so is the undying love they have for each other....making it hard for them to figure out what to do next.

Gray was a thinker and had a really hard time embracing Dylan's quirks. She was a free spirit who always found beauty in whatever she saw or wherever they were. I don't want to say Gray was like Eeyore, but he did seem to bring a gray cloud over Dylan with his actions and words. I don't think he meant to do that, he just couldn't rationalize what she was doing and thinking at times, which was a big obstacle in their relationship. He wanted her to know that her inability to put down roots was a sore spot for him, especially with the way he had grown up.

Dylan was quirky. She loved taken pictures and wanted to travel to discover new things. What she didn't realize, is her traveling (or running, as some may see it) kept her from building a relationship with her sister and ultimately Gray. It took her awhile to discover that being rooted to one "spot" didn't take her ability to discover new things. And when she finally was able to see that and grasp onto it, she not only got her family, she also got Gray...the only man she's ever wanted.

The characters were quirky, but it was hard not to like them, even if I personally couldn't relate to what they were doing. It was still an enjoyable read and has me wanting to go back and read the first two books to get the full story of Gray and Dylan.