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Fall with Me

Fall with Me - Julie Particka I was really curious as to how the author was going to pull off a story revolving around falling in love with the ex-best friend's brother. But as I read the story, I found myself not wanting that part of the storyline, but rather focusing on the relationship that was building between Sutton and Jenna.

Jenna Brandt, who was patiently waiting for her long term boyfriend to put the promised engagement ring on her finger, finds herself dumped by said boyfriend and him involved with her best friend. She decides to go home to lick her wounds, but doesn't anticipate her ex-best friend's brother, Sutton Bell, to be working with her dad or to propose a partnership that would get is sister away from her ex.

I liked Sutton and Jenna, but I didn't really like the idea of them using each other as a way to: 1. get back at Jenna's ex, Adam and 2. to get Sutton's sister, Lacey, away from Jenna's ex. We discovered that both Sutton and Jenna had liked each other when they were growing up, but Sutton backed away from Jenna because of their age difference. Now that they're adults, I thought the storyline would have been better if they fell in love and left the scheming behind. I say let Lacey have Adam and suffer the consequences later. If you're willing to stab your best friend the back the way she did, let her suffer if it all ends bad.

To me, Sutton and Jenna would have been perfect without the scheme. They could work together, talk, work out what happened when she had tried to profess her love when they were younger and move on from there. Sutton had he own set of issues to work through (mainly his manwhorish ways he used to deal with stress) and they could have done all of that together. We didn't need the added element of trying to break up his sister's relationship.

This was a good read and I did enjoy it. I liked the way Sutton and Jenna were with each other, the banter they had. Their chemistry was kept me reading and the reason I liked the book.