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How We Lived

How We Lived - Erin  Butler 3.5 Cocktails

HOW WE LIVED is a great story about second chances. In this case, it's a second chance for Kelsey Larkin to figure out what she really wants to do, instead of following a path she had been on before her brother's death. And for Chase, it's making up for the one mistake that destroyed two families.

Kyle and Kelsey lived next door to Chase for all their lives. Kyle and Chase were best friends, but they often let Kelsey join them on their adventures. But their entire world was turned upside down when a drunken decision by Chase, ripped everything apart. Nothing was the same, with the exception of how Kelsey and Chase felt most at home with each other, even when they were supposed to stay away.

I felt really, really bad for both Kelsey and Chase. They were both destroyed by what happened and were floundering trying to move forward. But it wasn't until they reached out to the each other that they found a way to truly move past all the awful and figure out a way to live. Kelsey and Chase had great chemistry together and it made me wonder if Kyle would have really been that upset over Chase's feelings for his sister if he wasn't in such a bad place with this own life.

I had a hard time putting this one down, staying up until the wee hours of the morning, because I had a need to find out what happened next. I definitely look forward to reading more from Erin Butler. She crafted a wonderful story that was emotional, but didn't leave me an emotional mess when it was over.