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Capturing Peace

Capturing Peace - Molly McAdams I enjoy a good Molly McAdams book, so I was eager to read this novella that is a prequel to the start of a new series.

Reagan is hard not to love as a heroine. She is unbelievably strong and self sufficient. I always admire single mothers since I am not one and have a husband that does beyond his 50% and I still struggle. Reagan has sacrificed her life for her son's. She has closed herself off from men because she doesn't want her heart or her son's heart to be broken.

Coen is a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. He has an instant connection to Reagan and he doesn't let her push him away. Coen's only complication is he is a soldier with PTSD. He isn't dealing with it and it causes him many sleepless nights. Being with Reagan seems to lessen the despair but he doesn't talk about it with anyone. His love for Reagan and her son is truly heart warming and when he makes a huge mistake at the end, he fights to right it and win her back. Men like him don't come around everyday and I choose to believe they exist.

Coen and Reagan's story was easy to dive into and had a great HEA. People will enjoy this heart warming story. I look forward to the rest of the series.

Reviewed by Candace for Cocktails and Books