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The King

The King - J.R. Ward This installment in the Black Dagger Brotherhood started out slowly for me. Too many other characters and their storylines took away from Wrath and Beth. But from the midpoint on, I was enraptured with the story and didn't want to put it down.

I thought JR Ward did a fantastic job of putting together a story for a couple that already had their HEA. The stress of Wrath's position was wrecking havoc on their relationship, before Beth's biological clock ticking, but what they struggled, fought and talked with one another until they realized what was important...their love for each other.

My favorite part of the story: Lassiter, Google and an Elvis costume. Vegas couldn't have done it better.

Lots of secondary storylines involving Assail and Sol (loved them), Trez and Selena (WTF IS going on there?), iAm, Trez, and Shadow executioner, s'Ex (his story is going to be interesting). These storylines weave through Wrath and Beth's although none of them are connected to what was happening, with the exception of Layla and Xcor.

Kayla and Xcor frustrate me. I don't think she could be that naive about Xcor and his intentions. the fact that she's basically led the Band of Bastards leader to the brotherhood backdoor (and got away with it) left me scratching my head. I know she thinks she's helping the brotherhood, but I think she's going to incite something very bad, very soon.

Despite the slow start, I loved the book. I'm sad that I finished and must wait a year for more. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!