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A Promise at Bluebell Hill

A Promise at Bluebell Hill - Emma Cane 3.5 Cocktails

Although this is the 4th book in Emma Cane's Valentine Valley series, it is the first I have read. This was a very sweet story. Even though I have read the books out of order, Cane did a good job of familiarizing me with the various characters and the setting of Valentine Valley. I felt like I was "up to speed" on what had happened in the previous books.

Monica and Travis are a cute couple (even before they know they'll be a couple!). While Monica is a Valentine Valley native and well established there, Cane is able to weave a story that brings Travis to the small Colorado town--albeit a little far-fetched. Travis is a stoic Secret Service agent in town to protect the president when she comes to Valentine Valley to attend her son's wedding to another VV native. Monica is interersted in Travis and as they get to know each other, she is able to bring out another side of him. They develop a personal relationship outside of their working relationship (she is the florist for the wedding and her apartment above her shop has the perfect vantage point for the agents to utilize).

Readers will enjoy being a part of their budding relationship. Especially as the former Marine & Secret Service Agent learns to let himself go a little and give in to love again. Monica and the other Valentine Valley characters are very endearing and readers will feel as though they know the citizens of this small town in real life.

Reviewed by Joelle for Cocktails and Books