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Strike - Holly S. Roberts STRIKE is a lighthearted, fun read about a chance meeting between two people from very different backgrounds.

Jaycee Shumway meets Reed Tyler, a hot professional baseball player, when she breaks into his house. Jaycee is desperate when she decides to steal Reed’s collection of autographed baseballs. Luck isn’t with Jaycee and Reed catches her in the act, but he decides not to call the police. Instead, Reed drives Jaycee home and discovers her horrible living conditions. After seeing how little she has, Reed tries to help Jaycee, but she continually refuses.

There is a strong attraction between Reed and Jaycee and they start to spend time together and even though they live in different worlds they have a strong connection. Their relationship doesn’t slowly evolve, it happens quickly and that is the biggest problem I have with the story. Their relationship didn’t feel real because it all happened so fast. There is a lot of steam when the two of them get together. Reed is an alpha male with a kinky side which Jaycee loves. Jaycee's had a hard life which has made her tough and she has learned to get by with very little. She isn’t used to the luxury that Reed takes for granted and in fact, it makes her uncomfortable. No one has ever given Jaycee anything and when Reed tries to help her, she doesn’t trust his motives.

I found it easy to like Reed, because even though he is rich and famous, he’s also a down to earth, nice guy. Strike is the second book in the Completion series and each book is a stand-alone. Holly Roberts writes a cute baseball romance.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books