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Dare to Desire

Dare to Desire - Carly Phillips DARE TO DESIRE is a delightful romance about two people given a second chance at love. Six months ago Alex Dare’s life changed dramatically. He was the quarterback for the Tampa Breakers and at the top of the world, but he took a hard hit, was injured and had to quit the job he loved. While he was in the hospital recovering, Alex was so distraught he pushed everyone away, including Madison Evans, the woman he was currently dating. Six months later, Alex is having a hard time adjusting to his life after football and is trying to figure out what to do next. Alex is a hot, alpha male used to getting everything he wants, but now things aren’t going his way. Alex and Madison meet again when they are asked to work on a project together and they have a hard time ignoring the sizzling chemistry between them. Alex regrets how he treated Madison and wants a second chance, but he hurt Madison when he broke up with her so callously and she refuses to give him a chance to break her heart again. Madison had little stability growing up and has learned she can’t trust anyone but herself and she certainly doesn’t believe in happily ever. My heart went out to both Alex and Madison as they try to overcome their personal issues. Alex is easy to like, he is a big, tough guy, but also vulnerable. For the first time in Alex’s life, things aren’t easy and as he has to learn how to overcome all the obstacles thrown his way. Carly Phillips knows how to write a hot sex scene because when Alex and Madison get together they are smoking hot. I love getting lost in a Carly Phillips book because I know I can always count on a well written engaging story with believable, realistic characters. This is the second book in the Dare to Love series. Each book is about a different sibling in the Dare family.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books