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8 Weeks

8 Weeks - Bethany Lopez This book brought all sorts of emotional responses as I read it. One, did Cal cheat or not. Even though he couldn't remember what happened that night in Vegas, it looked damning. I generally don't find myself sympathizing with a character if they've been involved in cheating, but it was hard not to feel back for Cal because of how beaten up he was. I will say, he fessed up immediately even when he knew it was probably going to end the life he loved.

I went back and forth with Shelly. I could understand her reaction and completely sympathized with her. But she ran without ever asking questions. If that were me, I would have asked why (repeatedly). I may have separated myself from Cal, but I don't think I would have been quite as rash as Shel was.

I really enjoyed Cal and what he was willing to do to win Shel back. Demanding those dates, one a week for every year they were together, was brilliant and proved to Shel that despite what happened in Vegas, what they had was worth salvaging.

I really enjoyed the pace of this story and most of the characters. I look forward to reading more in this series.