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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare - Sloan  Johnson TRUTH OR DARE is the first book in a 5 part serial following Lea Baker and Colby Davis as they try to navigate the distance between them as the both follow their dreams. Now, I will say, I didn't realize this was a 5 part serial when I got to the end of this installment, so I was ready to become violent. But I've calmed down now that I know there is more and can't wait to see what is in store for our couple.

Lea and Colby are best friends and roommates. They seem like an unlikely set of friends, but they've been stuck to each other's side since meeting in high school. Lea loves Colby, despite his man-whorish ways and wishes he would look at her like he looks at all the other girls in their small town. What Lea doesn't realize is Colby's feeling for her are the same as her's for him, except he doesn't think he's good enough for her. So he stays away and flirts with lots of girls in hopes that Lea will be pushed away and find a nice guy to settle down with. Of course, all this changes when Lea has a little too much to drink at a party and hero Colby swoops in to save her and take her home. What happened that night is enough for him to man up and let Lea make the decision about being with him or no.

This installment sets up the storyline for the rest of the serial. Colby, at Lea's insistence, heads to Nashville to pursue his dreams of being a singer while she stays home to finish up college. You can see where the angsty part of the storyline is going to come in and I'm looking forward to see how the author spins the rest of the story. Colby and Lea has such low self-esteem when it comes to their relationship that I'm sure there will be lot of misunderstandings and miscommunications before they get their HEA. I, for one, am looking forward to that.

A good, quick read with characters I instantly liked and can't wait to follow.