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Stuck in Between

Stuck in Between - Blakely Bennett It's taken me a few days to write this review, because I was really sure what my thoughts were with the whole love triangle thing that was happening . It was an interesting twist, but I wasn't really convinced by the end that it was going to work .
Jacqs and Bond are best of friend, ex-lovers and sometimes f-buddies. Red is Bond's other best friend who, it appears, does not like Jacqs. Jacqs is trying to get over Bond, Bond is trying to get back with Jacqs and then there's Red who has a thing for Jacqs.

Jacqs finds herself in a weird spot. She's been in "love" with Bond for a long time. She gives into his whims to have sex and then kicks herself afterwards because she knows nothing has changed. He'll still continue to see other women and won't commit to just her. She doesn't want to loose him as a friend, because he is her best friend, but she decides once and for all, that nothing sexual will occur between them. Unfortunately, Bond has other ideas.

In his own twisted way, Bond does love Jacqs, but there are demons that chase him, things Jacqs doesn't know about, that force him to act the way he does. He doesn't want to lose Jacqs and he often says he'll try changing for her, but the both know that won't happen. He uses sex as a balm, something to help quiet his demons, and no matter how much he may want to change that, he can't or won't.

Red has had a thing for Jacqs for awhile. He's stood back and waited for his opportunity with Jacqs, but when it looked like that might never come he went after her. Red truly was the better option for Jacqs. He thought of her wants and needs. He showed her that she mattered and she was it for him.

As the title suggests, Jacqs is stuck in between both men. She cares for both of them and doesn't want them to be hurt. The author puts an interesting twist in the relationship between the three, but that's when I get lost in the storyline. I won't say what happens, since I don't want to ruin it for readers, but it didn't feel like the relationship between the three was going to work after the twist.
I enjoyed the book, especially as the relationship between Red and Jacqs moved forward. But that twist took away whatever momentum I had with the book.