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Forever Your Heart

Forever Your Heart - Mary Whitney Mary Whitney is a genius. She took a character, who I already adored, and made me fall for him even more. It could have been the lines and lines of that British accent, but I'm pretty sure, it was just Adam himself.
FOREVER YOUR HEART is the retelling of events from DISCLOSURE OF THE HEART, but from Adam's POV. And let me tell you, it's a great point of view.

Adam was forever changed when he was forced to go back to England at the end of the year his family had spent there. He was devastated by the loss of Nicki and I think lost a bit of himself. He did things that appeased his family, including who he dated, pretty much going through the motions. It seems like it wasn't until he discovered that Nicki was working at the White House and he changed his job that he became Adam again.

I loved Adam in the previous two books, but Mary Whitney made me fall even more head over heels for him in this book. She reminded me that there was still a bit of the boy in him that we met in Texas. That despite what happened between he and Nicki when they were teenagers, he would absolutely never, ever, do that again, and most importantly, he loved Nicki more as an adult than he ever thought possible as a teenager.

An absolutely fabulous read, and one that I will undoubtedly read again and again. Pick up a copy of this book (because it could be read as a stand alone) or read the entire series. It's one that I highly recommend.