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Mercy - HelenKay Dimon MERCY is a fast paced story full of suspense, drama and intrigue. Jarrett Holt is the owner of an exclusive member’s only club called Holton Woods located in Washington D. C. The club caters to high powered politicians and businessmen. Becca Ford is a CIA operative on the run from her employer and asks Jarrett to help her. Becca and Jarrett had an affair eight months ago and she betrayed him. She was part of the reason he was arrested and she knows he’ll want retribution, but she has nowhere else to go. Jarrett will only agree to help Becca if she agrees to his terms. There is still an explosive attraction between them, but they won’t admit their feelings, because they don’t trust each other. Jarret is a gruff, wealthy man who came from humble beginnings. He has few friends, but he is loyal those he is close to. Becca is a trained assassin and has worked in black ops for years. She is a strong willed, tough, athletic woman who kills without emotion and is always looking over her shoulder. Becca has never set down roots anywhere and she knows the only person she can count on or trust is herself.

HelenKay Dimon writes an exhilarating story that kept me on the edge of my seat and I was never quite sure who the bad guys were. There are some interesting secondary characters and I hope to read their stories in future books. This is the gritty, dangerous underworld of politics and covert operations where anything goes and there are no laws. MERCY is well written, with believable characters and realistic dialogue.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books