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Dark Warrior

Dark Warrior - Julie Shelton 3.5 Cocktails

"Dark Warrior" by Julie Shelton is the story of Lady Kathryn Weston and her two handsome, chivalrous lovers.
Kathryn is on the run from a horrible man (no spoilers) and is discovered hiding in the forrest...cold, scared, and very injured. Duke Nicholas Herron's hunting party discovers her and comes to her aid. Nicholas and his right hand man (and best friend), Rolf Torgesson, feel an instant and fierce protective instinct toward the beautiful woman.

That's it. No more hints from me. I'll tell you that what follows is a dark and exciting story with action, mystery, and a LOT of sex. I mean, A LOT OF SEX. The chemistry of the three main characters is scorching, and it burned up my Kindle. It is a menage story, so Kathryn, Nicholas, and Rolf share a bed and all of the carnal pleasures to be had there. However, the men do not make love to each other. All of their attention is focused on their beloved.

The book itself is quite good, but it's violent and I have to admit that I was a bit uncomfortable when everything that Kathryn experienced was revealed. It made me feel awful for her, but it made me squirm, but not the happy sort of squirm that I'm supposed to feel in an erotic romance. It's a period piece taking place in the 14th century (in England), so the language took me some getting used to. "Thee" and "Thou" and other such words aren't something I encounter every day.

All in all, like I said, the book is good. The story moves along at a quick pace, and I got caught up in it right away. The action was exciting, and I even learned a few things (Greek fire is an AWESOME weapon!) about life in a castle keep. The background characters are a perfect accompaniment to the leads, and I enjoyed the often playful banter between them.

If you enjoy stories of knights, battles, love, and well...hot sex, this one's for you. Check it out!

Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books