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Cole's Redemption

Cole's Redemption - J.D. Tyler Hearts are healed and mysteries are solved in J.D. Tyler’s Cole’s Redemption, the newest book in her Alpha Pack series. Zander Cole is the pack’s healer who was struck deaf in one of the previous books in the series. A little warning to readers- you can read this as a standalone book however I would not recommend it. There is a lot of back story that you lose if you haven’t read the other books. Zander is trying to find his place in the pack and adjust to his hearing loss when his fight with the white wolf Selene results in his being mated to her.

Selene is there to get revenge on her father; someone that she believed is responsible for her mother’s death so she has her own demons to fight apart from being mated to Zander. I really liked the interactions between Zander and Selene, and I like the way that both were able to show vulnerability while also finding their strength together. The one thing that I didn’t like was all the secondary characters and storyline that pulled away from the main characters. This distracted from the Zander and Selene and although I understand that you want to include the other characters it was a bit much at times. Despite this the book was interesting, bringing new characters to the series and an ending that helps set up the next book in the series.

Reviewed by Lucy for Cocktails and Books