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Destroyed - Pepper Winters Yep. This one lived up to it's name. I'm pretty much destroyed now.

The book is dark and the hero, Fox/Roan, is the epitome of a tortured soul. He makes it hard to like him, let alone love him, but just like Hazel, there is something about him that makes you not want to give up on him. If you read this book, remember that. Fox/Roan is the product of some pretty sadistic shit and it's going to take a lot for him to fight his way back.

Hazel is the perfect heroine. She has her own sad, twisted past, but she mostly overcome what happened to her. Instead of dwelling on the bad, she relishes the fact that she broke free. These are lessons she's going to need to teach Fox/Roan. He may break her down in the process, but she proves to him that he's worth the fight.

This is a challenging read, but it's well worth the journey.