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Let Me Love

Let Me Love - Michelle  Lynn 4.5

If you're looking for a book that has a hot alpha male and is emotionally challenging, then this is one for you. Michelle Lynn weaved a heartbreaking story that had me reaching for something to mop myself up with quite a few times.

LET ME LOVE is the story of Kailey and Trey, the drummer for the Invisibles. They were a somewhat unconventional couple, considering prior to his relationship with Kailey, Trey was known for not sleeping with the same girl twice. But the minute Trey noticed Kailey in the airport, he was bewitched by her. It was lovely to see him dedicate himself to Kailey the way he did. Her happiness and his ability to support her...not matter what, made me love him. Even when Kailey was doing her damnedest to push Trey away, he never let her go.

Kailey was an incredibly strong woman, considering what she was facing. She tended to close herself off from other, worry about her immediate family, rather than allowing herself to lean on others. It took Trey and his friends to show Kailey that she needed the group to support her. And she truly did. If it weren't for all their help, giving her the opportunity to have a little time to herself, she would have crumbled.

There is a very shocking twist towards the end of the story. Michelle Lynn gave us a storyline where we assumed there was going to be a certain ending, but she shocks readers with the twist. Prepare yourself.

I seriously enjoy this series. Michelle Lynn creates characters that endear you very quickly and I always dread coming to the end of the book. If you haven't picked up one of the Invisible titles, grab one and prepare to fall in love.