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Escalation Clause

Escalation Clause - Liz Crowe Liz demanded that I read this book, since I read books 1-4 in the series and then jumped to book 9. It was absolutely fabulous! FABULOUS!

As with the other books in the series, this is truly an ensemble story. We interact with many different characters from the series, but this is really Maureen and Rafe's story. Maureen had lost the man she considered the love of her life in a horrible accident and has spent many years alone, raising her children. Sure, she was surrounded by her family and friends, but she never dated or even had the inkling to, until her kids hot, Latin soccer coach came along.

Rafe had a bit of an uphill battle with Maureen. He felt a connection with her that he wanted to fully explore, but Maureen threw up every road block possible (he's her kids coach, he's younger, she just couldn't....). But Rafe was a man determined and wasn't going to let Maureen sidetrack what he thought they would have together. He struggled, a lot, and spent many month nursing a bruised ego and a somewhat mangled heart, but he stood his ground and waited for Maureen to catch up with him.

Maureen, being Jack's sister, had that Gordon stubbornness. She was always willing to lend a hand or advice to one of her friends or her brother, but she never really took a look at what she was doing to herself and to Rafe. And just like Jack, it sometimes takes extremes for her to remove her head from the tail end of her body before she realizes what's right in front of her. God love the Gordon's but are they ever an exhaustive group!

What I loved most was watching the second generation, Brandis and Gabe. There relationship was explosive even when they were babies and it was fun to see how, even then, they had their parents on their toes.

An absolute pleasure and one I'm glad I was tasked to read. Well done, Liz. Well done.