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Stroke of Love

Stroke of Love - Melissa Foster 3.5 Cocktails

What's an artist to do when he just can't find the meaning to his life anymore? Take a trip down to the Belize jungle and find the love of his life.

OK, so there was a bit more to STROKE OF LOVE than that, Sage Remington (artist) wants to be able to use his money and his fame to do something good for those less fortunate. That leads his to sign up with AIA for a two week stint helping in a small jungle community in Belize. It's in Belize that he meets AIA liaison Kate Parello and discovers that he might be able to have everything he wants: the love of a good woman and helping those less fortunate, as long as Kate's by his side.
I liked Sage. He was thoughtful, a little quiet, but kept his word and was there to lend a hand when needed. Kate was a little harder to warm up to. She was very judgmental and didn't like to listen to others ideas (especially when that encroached on her turf). It took a bit for me to warm up to the idea of the two of them together. Even though Sage kept seeing the two of them together, I had a hard time believing Kate was going to be willing to believe in any of Sage's visions...simply because they weren't her own. In the end, I was gladly proven wrong, but I did have to wonder right up until the end if Sage was truly going to get what he wanted.

I will admit, I didn't like this story as much as Dex's story in GAME OF LOVE. But it's still a solid edition in the series and worth picking up. The Remington brother are pretty hot, no matter what they're doing.