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Anomaly - K.A. Tucker 3.5 Cocktails

I enjoyed this unique spin in vampires, witches, werewolves and all the other creatures that go bump in the night. KA Tucker created a world where a human girl and a vampire/sorceress were pawns in a sick and somewhat twisted game the Fates were playing with Earth.

The final book in the series starts out with Evangeline discovering that despite being a newly turned vampire, she's not like other fledglings. But she doesn't have time to dwell on that, because Viggo has set off the war against the humans they were all trying to avoid now that Veronique has chosen Mortimer. It's now up to Evangeline and her friends to save the human race.

This was Evangeline's book. She'd grown from the scared eighteen year old human in love with a vampire, to a woman who was determined to right wrongs and to not repeat the world Mage, Caden, Amelie, Bishop and Fiona knew. Despite the fact that she was constantly lied to or forced into hiding under the guise of protecting her, she becomes a leader as they fight against Viggo. She didn't understand the power that she had, but she was going to use it to stop the madness Viggo was creating and the game the Fates were playing.

The author created a world that was unique, with villans that were fun to hate and characters that had you seriously questioning which side they were on. The action and suspense kept the storyline moving and the romance between Evageline and Caden sweet enough that you hoped they got their HEA. It's different, but a YA book (and series) that I'll be recommending to some of my sons friends.