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Twisted - Emma Chase 4.5 Cocktails

If you haven't read Tangled, it was a must read for me in 2013. I actually laughed/chuckled out loud while reading it. The book being in Drew's POV/voice made the book. He is a real jewel. Hard to love him…hard to hate him. He just tells you like it is. His rocky road with Kate in Tangled sets up Twisted. Twisted is two years after and is in Kate's POV.

It's hard to not compare the two books. Tangled was so over the top hilarious and at times had me reading parts out loud to friends and my husband, that I have told everyone to read it. Tangled, at times had the same humor but overall was a bit more serious. I loved Kate's voice and she has a strong voice and a great deal to say. You just have to remember that if all you want is Drew, you will not get it with this book. There is a lot less Drew but there is a lot more emotion as well as Kate's awesome friends: Dee and Billy. They are truly awesome friends and really take care of Kate. Not to mention, Ms. Chase is setting us up for her next books which I can't wait to read.

I believe readers will overall be very happy with this book/sequel. I am sure there will be a few that chant, "Drew, Drew, and more Drew" but I think Ms. Chase did a smart job of changing the feel of this series and giving us a bit more depth to the characters. For those screaming more Drew, never fear, the epilogue is from Drew's POV. It finishes the book with a huge chuckle for me. Drew's pearls of wisdom are always a laugh a minute.

Glad to hear we will be hearing more from Drew in the future! Not to mention, we will get Dee's story as well!

Reviewed by Candace for Cocktails and Books