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Bite Me

Bite Me - Shelly Laurenston Livy and Vic are meant to be even if Livy isn’t sure she wants a mate, since her parents were a horrible example of what a mating is. I loved the idea of a honey badger and a big tiger-bear falling in love. I loved Livy’s attitude and found myself muttering, ‘honey badger don’t care’, because Livy doesn’t care what others think, and her violent outbursts were hilarious. Everyone underestimates her because of her small stature but she isn’t someone you mess with.

The loveable cast of characters from other books are back, and just as colorful and loud as we’re used to. I enjoyed catching up, and even meeting a few new characters. This is a classic Pride story from Ms. Laurenston, it’s full of snark, laughter and hijinks and I couldn’t put it down.

I wish I could draw so I could draw Vic’s shifted form so I could get a really good visual of the wonderful description Ms. Laurenston provides. I also enjoyed that Vic and Livy fought falling in love, even though it was so very obvious that they do love each other.

If you love stories, with super strong heroines and the men strong enough to love them and don’t mind a little honey in your loving, then this story is for you! I highly recommend it and I will definitely re-read the story again.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books