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Tempted by the Soldier

Tempted by the Soldier - Nicolette Day TEMPTED BY THE SOLDIER is an engaging story that pulled me in from the first page. Nate Jennings and Lilly Grayson had a one night stand that ended badly and they haven’t been civil to one another since that fateful night. A year later, they are thrown together when circumstances force them on a fifteen hour road trip in Nate’s truck. Once the trip starts, the verbal assaults began. Behind all their mean words, Nate and Lilly still have a strong desire for each other. All their banter had me laughing out loud many times. Especially, the message Lilly leaves in the truck stop bathroom. Although Nate is attracted to Lilly, he keeps pushing her away. Nate, an ex-Marine is a mess, but doesn’t want anyone to know. Since returning to civilian life, he feels he doesn’t fit in. Nick is a nice guy and easy to like, once you get past all his defenses. Lilly is opinioned and speaks her mind, much to Nate’s dismay.

Nicolette Day writes an entertaining story filled with amusing one liner’s, put downs and sarcasm that Nate and Lilly continually hurl at each other on their road trip from hell. It’s easier for them to banter back and forth, than it is to open up and share their feelings because they both keep their vulnerability locked inside. I found both Nate and Lilly easy to like and connect with. The last part of the book wasn’t as sharp and witty as the first half, but this is still a delightful read.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books