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Takes Me - Megan Hart SERIES REVIEW

EVERY PART OF YOU is a serial novel made up of five books. It’s a dark, erotic, well written story about Elliot Anderson, a partner in a law firm and Simone Kahan, who works in the same building as Elliot. While Simone is working late one night, she looks out her window and notices Elliot’s activities in his office after hours. After that, whenever Simone works late, she watches Elliot hook up with different women in his office late at night. One night when Elliot and Simone are both working late, they accidentally meet in the elevator. Elliot he is arrogant, selfish and terse, but Simone can’t help being attracted to him. Simone is confident in who and what she is. She isn’t intimidated by other people, knows what she wants and always speaks her mind. Simone knows she is flawed, but is able to accept herself for who she is. Elliot is also flawed, but has a hard time acknowledging who he is. At forty two Elliot is inhibited, introverted and not honest with himself or other people. Elliot and Simone are two lost souls who are drawn to each other.

This is a well crafted story with great character development. As the story unfolds we understand Elliot and the circumstances that made him the man he is today. Although, there isn’t much information about Simone’s past. Each book is about sixty pages and continues where the last book left off. I don’t understand why Megan Hart wrote this as serial and I have to admit, it spoiled the story for me. For that reason, I gave the book a lower rating. That being said, I think Megan Hart writes an intense, edgy, sexy read. There is some BDSM in the story.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books