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Alpha Mine

Alpha Mine - Brenda Sparks 3.5 Cocktails

*****Spoiler Alert******

I have mixed feelings about this book. The concept was original and the story was good but I had a hard time connecting with the characters.

Kat was attacked seven years ago by vampires and Marcus, a vampire, saved her. We move to the present where Marcus and Kat are living together. She knows about vampires but is sworn to secrecy. Marcus and Kat are the best of friends, living together while Kat dances at a club Marcus owns.

Then all of a sudden, Marcus’s sire Stephan, a vampire he hasn’t seen in decades, comes home. Turns out it’s Stephan’s condo and he wants to know why Marcus has invited a human to live there and how she knows about the existence of vampires. Marcus explains what happened seven years ago but Stephan doesn’t think Kat can be trusted. Marcus diligently defends Kat and she ends up staying at Stephan’s condo and keeping her memories intact, for now.

That same night Kat has a horrible migraine and Stephan is the only one that can sooth it. Turns out they both are hot for each other but Stephan doesn’t know what he wants more, her body or her blood. But Stephan made a promise to Marcus that he wouldn’t bite Kat, because of her attack all those years ago she is adamantly against being a “donor.”

So the three spend lots of time together and it feels like this really awkward love triangle. Marcus loves her but is jealous of Stephan’s feelings for her. Kat loves Marcus as a friend but imagines her, Marcus and Stephan having a threesome, which I thought was odd. If she has feelings for Stephan and only friend feelings for Marcus, why does she want them both? Turns out she only wants Stephan.

The story goes along and to make a longer story short, Kat doesn’t want to be turned into a vampire and Stephan, being a vampire enforcer for their kind, is forced to make the decision to scrub her memories rather than let a human, such as Kat, live with the knowledge of vampires.

The story is pretty good but I just wasn’t sold on the characters. Call me crazy, but I felt the psychology behind Kat, Marcus and Stephan’s actions had me more confused than entertained. Please don’t let my view on the characters dissuade anyone from picking up the book. The plot was unique but it just wasn’t for me.

Reviewed by Elizabeth for Cocktails and Books