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When the Rogue Returns

When the Rogue Returns - Sabrina Jeffries 4.5 Cocktails

While I enjoyed this book very much, some parts of it were a little over the top and unrealistic. (Which made all the more fun.) It definitely kept my interest, and kept me on my toes. I absolutely loved this installment even though I do have to confess that I did not read the first book in the series. (Once again I jump in without reading the beginning of the series.) But I have loved all Sabrina Jeffries.

When the Rogue Returns, with its farfetched characters and plot twists made a very whimsical story. I enjoyed, Isabella a sweet young woman, turned into a strong woman, who co-owned a jewelry business, and raised her daughter on her own. Victor started out as a young man with not much going for him, then he was found by his family. And his life became better all he need was to find his wife. The fun begins when they found each other. I would definitely recommend reading When the Rogue Returns.

Reviewed by SammySosa for Cocktails and Books