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Between Us

Between Us - Jen McLaughlin, Diane Alberts I love Jen McLaughlin…enough said. Between Us is one story in a 3 story/novella book called Sex on the Beach. The other stories are written by 2 other authors (Jennifer Probst and Jenna Bennett) and all three stories are tied together. The book follows 3 best friends as they go on spring break to Key West.

Between Us follows Mackenzie, a sweet country music star, who just wants to lose her "V" card and have a fantastic time without anyone recognizing her. Mackenzie is a very grounded girl who has her head on straight and realizes that most people just want to use her for her fame. She wears a floppy hat and colors her blond hair brown. She quickly eyes who she wants. Austin, a bartender, enjoys Mackenzie's company and quickly figures out who she really is. To Mackenzie's relief, he isn't looking for anything from her but agrees to enjoy the week of her Spring Break together. The chemistry ignites between the two of them and they both quickly realize that they need more than just a week together.

I actually enjoyed these two characters so much that I was said it was a novella and I wasn't going to get to know them more. Jen McLaughlin excels at pulling you in and making you want more. Mackenzie and Austin's story is just another reason I adore her writing!

Reviewed by Candace for Cocktails and Books