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Forgiving Lies

Forgiving Lies - Molly McAdams 4.5 Cocktails

I enjoyed Forgiving Lies a great deal more than Molly’s other books. This story is a romance but there is quite a bit of mystery and suspense. I read this book in one night. I stayed up way too late finishing it and definitely put Kash as one of my favorite book boyfriends.

There are so many aspects of Kash that I enjoy. He is a cop working undercover. There is his lip ring. The fact that he chews cinnamon gum and of course his tattoos. He has a love of green sour patch kids. I love the way he handles Rachel. He doesn't make anything easy for her, he argues with her and fights back but he still super protective of her. The way he kisses her makes me swoon.

Rachel if my favorite type of lead female character. She is exceptionally strong, has a sharp tongue, doesn't lay down for just anybody, and has been through hell and back. You can't help but identify with her and feel for her and the situations that she is put in throughout the book. She’s a sweetheart. The way she handles Kash is highly amusing and it is fun to watch them push each other.

I enjoy books that are written in dual POVs and especially this one since I liked both characters equally. I loved the title of this book and I couldn't wait to see where the title came from. The moment when the meaning is revealed is the crux of the story and it was heartbreaking to read. What are forgiving lies versus unforgiving lies? Will the lies Kash kept from Rachel tear them apart or will she forgive him? I don't want to spoil what happens but the journey Kash and Rachel takes is an extraordinary one.

The secondary characters were also well written. I couldn't decide whether to love or hate Candice, who is Rachel’s best friend and Blake’s cousin. There were times I wanted to reach into the pages of the book and ring her neck. She was Rachel's best friend at times and others failed miserably. Her state of denial about the a particular situation in the book drove me nuts.

I absolutely loved Mason. He is Kash’s partner and a real sweetheart and clearly all around good guy. I enjoyed him so much that I wanted to hear more from him in this book. I assume Molly will be giving him a book or two.

Blake, who is Candice's cousin and a long time friend of Rachel's, gave me the creeps from the beginning. There were times that I wished Kash had just unleashed on him. My first instinct with him was trouble and oh boy was I right.

By the end of this book, I collectively sighed because the highs and lows were killer. As I was getting over my anxiety and enjoying a little quality Rachel/Kash time, Molly unleashed a cliffhanger and what a cliffhanger it is! Thank goodness, Deceiving Lies (Book 2) is almost here!

Reviewed by Candace for Cocktails and Books