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Deceiving Lies

Deceiving Lies - Molly McAdams Deceiving Lies is the sequel the Molly McAdam's Forgiving Lies. I couldn't wait to see where this story was going to go after the cliffhanger ending. Kash and Rachel went through a whole hell of a lot and came out on the other side in Forgiving Lies. I couldn't really imagine Rachel being kidnapped in this book and how her and Kash's relationship would survive it.

The difficult part of this book is the long section where Kash and Rachel are physically not together. It is hard to read especially from Kash's POV. He is struggling not to go to a dark place and lose himself over what has happened to Rachel. He clearly will do anything to get her back in his arms.

Rachel's POV chapters were hard to read. Over time, she seemed to attach to Trent. I did try to put myself into her situation and I am sure you would look for solace in comfort from someone who is clearly providing you with some form of safety. Trent and Rachel's relationship development was making me nervous and I was afraid she was going to take steps that she and readers would regret. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

Trent was fantastic, tragic and superbly the ultimate anti-hero. I am so hoping Molly gives us a Trent book. I really want to know what happens with him. His backstory was intriguing and I wanted more.

The last 1/3 of the book was by the far the best section. It was heart wrenching to watch Kash and Rachel try to reconnect to each other and come to terms to what they had been through. I thought it was a realistic portrayal of what the aftermath of a kidnapping would be. I liked the complicated nature of Rachel's feelings for Trent and watching not only her deal with them but Kash as well.

The ending was perfect. Who doesn't want a HEA and especially for Kash and his Sour Patch! Can't wait to see what Molly has in store for some of the other characters from these books!