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Worth the Chance

Worth the Chance - Vi Keeland I really enjoyed this one. One, because we got to see little Vinny (the young teenager Nico was trying to save in Worth the Fight) all grown up. And two, because Vinny was hard not to love...controlling, dominating fighter with his issues and all.

Liv and Vinny have history. Seven years ago, in high school, she was the brainiac girl who tutored Vinny in English. He always seemed to have a girl on his arm, but soon his attention turned to her. Liv loved Vinny's attention and thought they had something, but he walked away and broke her heart. So imagine her surprise when she discovers her assignment from the newspaper she's interning at is to interview a hot MMA star...Vince. They do a good job of reconnecting, but then Vince's past plays it hand and causes the two of them to fight for their relationship.

I loved Liv. There was just something about the bookworm, wallflower type getting the hot, alpha male everyone else wants that made me happy. She struggled with her feelings for Vinny, because she was so afraid she was going to get her heart broken again, but she threw caution to the wind because being with Vinny made her happy. And then you felt badly for her when she was put in the ugly position to write the story about the Senator that was going to hurt Vinny so badly. Her emotions, her turmoil leapt off the pages at you and made you want to put your arms around her and tell her it's going to to be ok.

Vinny was everything you'd want a hot, sexy, MMA fighting alpha male to be. He was dominant and could urke the hell out of you, but he had a sweet, protective side that made you want to be the one Vinny stood on guard for. But Vinny had his own set of issues. His drug addict mother continues to cause his life to be one step away from disaster, even when he's trying to keep himself on the straight and narrow. You feel for him and understand why he can't walk away from the only parent he's ever known, but there comes a point when you want him to do just that and think about himself and what he needs.

Vi Keeland is fast becoming one of those authors on my auto-buy list. She creates these wonderful characters that are so easy to connect with...even with all their issues. Couple that with engaging storylines and you find it very hard to put your e-reader down. If you haven't read one of her books before, definitely pick up WORTH THE CHANCE. It's worth your time to take a look.