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Four Weddings and a Fireman

Four Weddings and a Fireman - Jennifer Bernard 4.5 Cocktails

This was my first Bachelor Firemen story, and I will definitely read the rest of them. Vader and Cherie obviously love each other even if they both have secrets that are keeping htem from settling down together.

The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel is a great concept and I look forward to more of the fun with the great secondary characters that had real personalities. I would enjoy spending way more time in San Gabriel with the firemen.

I really loved Vader, he’s loyal, fun and very sexy. He’s the kind of hero that would do anything for anyone who needed him and that definitely includes Cherie, who he very much loves. Cherie had a pretty unique and difficult past, but despite that she’s made a pretty great life for herself.

I was hooked into this story and couldn’t put it down. I cheered on Vader and Cherie and was very satisfied when the story ended. I highly recommend this story.

Reviewed by Sheri for Cocktails and Books