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Searching for Someday

Searching for Someday - Jennifer Probst The matchmaker becomes the matched in Searching for Someday by Jennifer Probst. Kate Seymour owns a matchmaking company with her two good friends, and part of the secret to her success is her gift of feeling a “spark” when two people are supposed to be together. When she is confronted by divorce lawyer Slade Montgomery, who believes the company is scamming his little sister, she sets out to prove him wrong.

Jennifer Probst provides a charming love story between two people who on the surface seem to have very little in common. Slade is jaded in romance, he is a divorce lawyer and he has been through a divorce himself, and is very much a believer in statistics. Kate is a bit of a contradiction. She is trying to prove Slade wrong by finding him the perfect date but she doesn’t believe in love for herself. Although it was a quick, interesting read there was nothing that really stood out for me; it was like other romance stories except with an added group of interesting secondary characters that I would be interested in reading about.

Reviewed by Lucy for Cocktails and Books