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Midnight Pursuits

Midnight Pursuits - Elle Kennedy MIDNIGHT PURSUITS is exhilarating ride filled with romance, intrigue, adventure and drama. Juliet Mason and Ethan Hayes decide to work together on a dangerous mission in Russia. Juliet Mason is an invisible assassin and she is trying to find the person who killed her brother. Juliet’s job is to kill people without anyone ever finding out who killed them. Ethan works as a mercenary on a team which specializes in extraction not killing. They are adrenaline junkies who get a high from their dangerous jobs. Because of their occupations, they never get too close to anyone because it’s impossible to have a relationship with someone and lie about what they do for a living. Juliet is used to working on her own and not relying or trusting anyone but herself. She reluctantly agrees to work with Ethan, only because he insists on helping her and won’t take no for an answer. Juliet is strong and gutsy with a tough exterior. There is a sizzling chemistry between Ethan and Juliet, but Juliet tries her best to ignore it. I loved all the verbal foreplay between Ethan and Juliet. Although Juliet is attracted to Ethan, she doesn’t think he is her type, because he seems too young, fresh faced, sweet and caring. Juliet is a daredevil, full of life and exciting. Ethan likes everything about Juliet and has never been with another woman like her. While they search for the killer they are together all the time and its get harder and harder for them to ignore the simmering attraction. Ethan is an alpha warrior, he is sexy, intelligent, tough and a great lover, which surprises Juliet. Juliet keeps telling herself she is going to stay away from Ethan, but every time he touches her, she can’t seem to resist him. Ethan wants a relationship, but Juliet doesn’t do relationships.

Elle Kennedy is a talented writer who makes the characters come to life. Her writing style made me feel as though I was right there in the middle of all the action. I know I can always count on Elle Kennedy for an entertaining story and she didn’t disappoint me. This is the fourth book in the Killer Instincts series and each one is a standalone. What a fast paced, thrilling story.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books