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Stroke of Midnight

Stroke of Midnight - Kelli Scott This story is achingly beautiful and sweet. Packed into so few pages is so much emotion. Way more than I expected from such a short story! The two characters in focus, Marley and Ian, have both been hurt by losing the person that they loved most. Marley is scorned and is seeking a night of pleasure to let go, and Ian is coping with the death of his wife – just looking for something, anything to fill the void of her and to mask his pain. The two of them coming together sounds like a disaster waiting to happen – but ends up being absolutely wonderful.

The author’s writing style is fantastic. She sure does know how to write a great story! And the scenario for which these two meet is tragically poetic. Two lost souls saving one another – simply beautiful. I look forward to reading more from this author and hope that you’ll take a chance on her too. Do yourself a favor and pick this book up.

Reviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books