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Layla's Gale

Layla's Gale - Nicole Pouchet Let it blow, Let it blow I truly became spellbound reading Layla's Gale penned quite eloquently by Ms. Pouchet. This romantic paranormal narrative shows off Ms. Pouchet's voice vibrates through her skillful , rich writing style. I relished the subtle carnal undertones incorporated into the story's elements that Layla's Gale hooks you from the first sentence to the very end of the novel. Her characters are defined with the prominence I think other readers of paranormal romance so relatable. There are many turns and twists embedded in this paranormal romance and the electrifying pulse. One of the aspects I enjoyed was how Ms. Pouchet developed her story, setting, climax and resolution. You can feel her energy radiating throughout Layla's Gale. Her ending provides the reader with the perfect amount of whoa which is so enticing you wish the next book in this series rest on the table near by. As a result of her smooth writing style I desire to read more of her work. Layla's Gale is book one in the Elemental Series. I can hardly wait for the release of her upcoming installment which will appear on the new-stands, e-readers in the upcoming months.

I was easily captivated by story's setting because I live in and travel through the Washington, DC metro area which Ms. Pouchet uses as the backdrop for this enchanting love story.The visuals she portrays made my visualizations crystal clear. The secrets that manifest as the story develops swallow the reader who enjoys paranormal activities and gets swept up into the eye of the hurricane and the surprises Ms. Pouchet's imagination depicts. Ms. Pouchet's key characters are realistic yet mystifying. The Incan history, legends and sacred artifacts placement and the portrayal of the Incan culture is wonderful.

Layla Cohen knows and has an keen understanding of the Incan culture although she is not Hispanic. She is tall, beautifully provocative, and possesses the natural grace of being dramatic in a natural manner.

Sebastian Tawanti, the director of the play that runs parallel with his cultural heritage and all of its religious and spiritual dimensions is fabulous. His play can raise many eyebrows. Sebastian's handsome, exotic looking, gifted, respected member in the theatrical circles.

Allora Delancy is drop died gorgeous actress and is use to getting what she wants and whomever she wants, adds many sparks intriguing the storyline.

Alex, a young, talented African American actor with blond hair just graduated from NYU school of dramatic arts. He is also Layla's leading man. Alex is younger and makes for an interesting actor who has his own motive for being a cast member in the play.

Ms. Pouchet does a splendid job of making her secondary characters as important to the story as her main characters without upstaging them. In my honest opinion adds depth and demonstrates strong writing abilities.

Layal's Gale will blow you away with its sensual, love story, packed with an adventurous spin with plenty of paranormal activity making it an irresistible read.

Reviewed by Rhonda for Cocktails and Books