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Tyler & Stella

Tyler & Stella  - Heidi Joy Tretheway Having not read the first book in this series, I wasn't sure what to expect. But I found it was very easy to follow the story or Tyler and Stella, even if you haven't read the first book in the Tattoo Thief series.

This book centers around founding Tattoo Thief member, Tyler and Stella, the journalist who took a private message between her best friend and Tattoo Thief lead singer into an article that could help her career. To say Stella is a bit selfish is an understatement. She broke her best friend's trust for the opportunity to get ahead at the paper she worked at. I immediately put Stella in the "dislike" category because of this. I apparently was much more unwilling to forgive than other, because Stella seemed to get off pretty easily for a pretty crappy stunt.

Tyler was a very sweet guy, but he seemed to trust a little too easily. He was quick to offer a helping hand to Stella and befriend her. He stood up for her when everyone else wanted her head because of the stunt she pulled. It was commendable to see him willing to forgive and forget, especially since he truly liked her, but it felt like he was a little too naive...especially given the situation he was in.
I really wanted to like this book more, but I didn't. I didn't like Stella, no matter how far she went to redeem herself. It felt like the relationship between Stella and Tyler rushed along without any real development. Sure they had a few talks, but given everything that happened with her and Tyler's big secret, I felt like it should have taken a bit longer before their relationship could move forward and be solid. It wasn't a bad read, it just wasn't one that connected with me.