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Wild Things

Wild Things - Chloe Neill Chloe Neill does it again. I think the books since Ethan's return have been some of the best, but this one just might be my favorite.

Picking up where Biting Bad ended, Merit and Ethan find themselves hiding amongst the NAC Pack in hopes of thwarting the mayor's attempt at Ethan's public lynching. As usual, their visit isn't without drama. When the Pack's yearly celebration is interrupted by a magical attack, it's up to Merit, Ethan and the gang to figure out who's behind the attacks and why, before supernatural alliances begin to fall. But wait...there's more. The GP what's their revenge against Ethan to, but it seems the tide might be turning, which puts Merit in a spot of having to pay up on the favor she owes.

It's hard to believe it's only been a year (in CV time) since Merit's turning, but for anyone who's followed this series, we can see how much Merit has grown. I enjoy getting into her head and following her rationale, but she's less likely to jump into action without thinking. She's very aware of the repercussions her actions might have: for her, Ethan, the house and her family. Quite a change for Merit, but one that I think will serve her well as we move into what will be an very interesting chapter for Ethan and Merit.

Ethan and Merit. They just keep getting better. And it's hard not to love Ethan, especially since his return. He's not afraid to let Merit know his feelings. He may wear a mask around everyone else, but he turned a corner with Merit and he's not afraid to love her. He may not like some of her choices (i.e., the Red Guard) and he may not like some of the situations she gets into, but he's always there to support her. He may go all alpha on someone if he needs to, but he has her back.

I can't wait to see what will happens next. It should be interesting, with the GP and the challenge, but I also can't wait to see exactly what happens with Gabriel's prediction.