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Give in to the Night

Give in to the Night - Elizabeth Corva I really enjoyed this one, mainly because the author didn't thrust the Jonathan and Jasmine back together at the start of the book, instead their road to reconciliation was slow building. It allowed for Jonathan to regain Jasmine's trust on her own timetable instead of just forgiving everything and moving forward. I think that was something both of them needed to develop a relationship that could withstand Jonathan's crazy life.

The story picked up three years after the end of A MILLION MILES AWAY. Jasmine is finishing up college and Jonathan is still in a relationship with the pop princess he hooked up with. And just like how they met in the first place, a series of events leads Jonathan back to the small town where Jasmine happens to be living. Jasmine may not be happy to discover Jonathan is close by, but when she needs someone it's Jonathan she turns to. From there, they work towards rebuilding their relationship....first as friends, then as more.

I really loved Jonathan in this book. He knew what Jasmine meant to him, but he also knew he had destroyed what they had when he pushed her away. So he's willing to give her the time and space to let him back in. You just knew he was dying for more, but loved that he waited for Jasmine to come to him rather than pushing his own agenda.

Jasmine had grown up in the three years she'd been away from Jonathan and she had become a bit jaded because of what happened, but I was happy when she started becoming more like the girl we knew. Despite the fact that she was scared of being hurt again, she couldn't stop the feelings she had for Jonathan and decided to follow them instead of fighting them. I was mad at her sometimes, especially when she was pushing Jonathan away, but I understood why she did it.

I hated the ending of this book because it cliffhangered in a big way. I'm hoping the author will give us the next book in the series sooner, rather than later, because I refuse to think Jonathan would just leave Jasmine considering what was happening at that point. This is the only reason this is a four cocktail review, rather than a five.