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Chained Heart (Master Series)

Chained Heart (Master Series) - Justus Roux 4.5 Cocktails

Talon’s is a master in the same community as Master Xanthos. Talon is a great trainer is one issue is he does not want to be emotionally involved with any of his subs. At first sight of the subs falling in love with him, he sends them away. Talon’s biggest issue is he can’t move away from the past. Talon was while an interesting character was equally frustrating because he refused to even attempt to deal with the death of his sub.

Pepper is Master Talon’s sub and has managed to last the longest because she was able to conceal her love for Talon. Pepper is smart and interesting. She thinks well on her feet and will do whatever it takes to help Talon, whether he wants it or not. I loved the ending of Talon and Pepper’s story. It was very fitting.

Ms. Roux continued what is present in many of the books in this series, a dueling story line. I loved that Xanthos while head of their community still had issues and problems to deal with. Mistress Victoria is an interesting character and one that I hope to see again in the future. However, Victoria’s presence does bring up and issue that I have wondered about Georgia and Damien and how they can be in the same community. While there seemed to be a natural end in the book I think that this issue will be brought up in the future.

Chained Heart is the twenty-eighth book in the Master series by Justus Roux. This book is best read as part of the series for the best understanding. Ms. Roux has done a great job of continuing the soap opera feel in this book that is present in other books. This book is well written with such interesting and engaging main and secondary characters. This book just draws you in and keeps you engaged until the very end of the book. I enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.