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Love Bats Last

Love Bats Last - Pamela Aares LOVE BATS LAST is an enjoyable story with both romance and intrigue. Dr. Jackie Brandon, a veterinarian working for The California Marine and Mammal Center, is trying to discover who is dumping chemicals into the San Francisco Bay. The Mammal Center is a seal hospital and they rescue injured marine mammals. Jackie loves her job, but it’s all consuming and she has little free time. At times, Jackie can be brash and intense; she has an easier time communicating with animals than she does with people.

Alex Tavonesi is a baseball player with the San Francisco Giants. There is a lot of pressure on Alex because he is trying to run his families vineyard and excel in his baseball career. Once Alex has a chance meeting with Jackie, he has a hard time getting her off his mind. Alex is a successful athlete and a nice, down to earth guy, who works hard at everything he does. Even though he is busy, Alex decides to volunteer at the Mammal Center so he can get to know Jackie.

Alex and Jackie are both committed to their careers and don’t have time for a relationship, but their feelings for each other intensify with each meeting. I liked Alex and enjoyed the camaraderie he had with his teammates, but I had a difficult time connecting with Jackie. Jackie is a cold, distant person and I found it hard to warm up to her. It took a long time for Jackie and Alex’s relationship to move to the next level, it moved a little too slow for my taste. This is the first book in the Heart of the Game series and each book is a stand-alone. Pamela Aares writes a sweet romance.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books