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Catch Me

Catch Me - Claire Contreras CATCH ME is a captivating, emotional story about Brooklyn Harmon who at twenty-five, is beautiful, rich and successful, but has little self worth. Brooklyn is fighting a lot of demons, has had a stint in rehab and has discovered there are few people in her life she can trust. She works for her father’s record company, Harmon Records and also sells a successful line of microphones. Brooklyn’s mother has caused her endless pain with all her negative remarks. She has grown up in a family with little time or love for her. Brooklyn’s parents have always tried to dominate her and they only give her attention, when they need something. Brooklyn has never had a healthy relationship, has had few people in her corner and she is afraid to open her heart to anyone. She lives in a world where people use each other to get ahead and you can’t believe or count on anyone, until she meets Nick Wilde

Nick is a successful record producer and he and Brooklyn, are immediately drawn to one another. Brooklyn is slowly seduced by all of Nick’s heated glances, gentle touches and their banter. When they finally get together, it’s powerful, seductive and like nothing Brooklyn has ever experienced. Nick is strong, sexy, confident, successful and caring. He is exactly what Brooklyn needs. I adored Nick, especially his self assurance and of course, his raspy voice. Nick knows what he wants and goes after it. He doesn’t care about Brooklyn’s family or her wealth.

This is the first book I have read by Clair Contreras and I savored it, was sorry it had to end and will have a hard time getting Nick out of my head. It was emotional story, but not filled with too much angst. There are some great secondary characters and I wouldn’t be surprised if a book is written about each of them in the future. CATCH ME is a pleasure to read and the chemistry between Nick and Brooklyn is smoking hot.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books