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Obsessed by Him

Obsessed by Him - Red Garnier OBSESSED BY HIM is an anthology of entertaining, erotic love novellas chronicling five wealthy friends as they find love. This series was previously released as individual stories.

I enjoyed each story, but CLAIMED BY HIM was my favorite. Graves Buchanan is continually fighting his attraction to his best friend’s little sister, Chloe but she keeps tempting him. Graves tries to keep all his thoughts and desires about Chloe hidden, because he knows his best friend, Daniel doesn’t want him to have anything to do with his sister. I always enjoy reading about a bad boy falling for his friend’s younger sister.

I found playboy, Luke Preston funny and endearing in the story, TAKEN BY HIM. Luke is an unrepentant playboy, until he is shot by a women’s jealous boyfriend and decides to recuperate in Cancun. That’s where he meets Peyton Lane and for once in his life, he is serious about something.

BOUND BY HIM is a powerful love story. Andrew leaves the country for three years and when he returns he wants to resume his relationship with Whitney Donahue. Whitney has a difficult time forgiving Andrew for leaving. I loved their devotion to each other and their tattoos.

In KEPT BY HIM, Monica Davenport has always been with men she feels comfortable with, but the relationships lack passion. She asks her best friend, Daniel Lexington to show her what pleasure feels like. When he does, they both get more than they bargained for. Daniel was my favorite among the group of billionaire playboys. I loved the way he treated Monica.

Cade West has never been the same since he lost his wife to cancer in BARED BY HIM. Ivy Summers meets Cade when she requests a donation from him. With Ivy, Cade feels things he hasn’t felt in years. He insists the only way she will get a donation from him, is to plays strip poker. Cade broke my heart because he is a tortured soul.

I have wanted to read Red Garnier’s, Billionaire’s Club for a while and was happy to see these novellas put together in one book. They are well written and the characters are believable. In fact, I couldn’t help falling in love with all five of the hot, alpha males. Each unique story is about a different billionaire and since all the men are friends; all the stories are connected with the same characters. Each novella is short, sweet and to the point with lots of steamy love scenes.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books