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Compromising Positions

Compromising Positions - Mary Whitney Mary Whitney has a knack for writing political romance stories that make me dread getting to the last page because then the fun is over. Compromising Positions was one of those books.

I fell in love with Michael Grath and Jessica (Jessie) Clark. Despite being brilliant (because they truly both were), they were two down to earth, awkward, nerdy, beautiful people who were trying to navigate their way through their freshman year in Congress. Neither one expect to find love, but they did. That's not to say they didn't have obstacles. Party differences (he a Republican and she a Democrat), differing opinions on a variety of topics and Michael's attempt to end a complicated relationship all play a role in their blossoming romance.
There was something about Michael and Jessie that made them irresistible, to me, as a reader. No matter what situation either of them found themselves, I found myself laughing with them or hoping they could find a way to fix whatever issue they may have caused. Mary Whitney made these characters very likable, very down-to-earth and flawed just like the rest of us. It was an absolute pleasure to follow this couple as they weaved their way through Washington but somehow carving out the time to build a solid relationship.

If you haven't read a Mary Whitney book before, definitely pick this one up. You'll love Michael and Jessie.