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Single by Saturday

Single by Saturday - Catherine Bybee I really enjoyed this story. As someone who's read the previous Weekday Brides series books, I was wondering how Catherine Bybee was going to give Karen her happily ever after...considering she had just entered into a marriage of convenience at the end of FIANCE BY FRIDAY. But she crafted a wonderful story the had me riveted until the very last page.

Karen and Michael had a beautiful relationship, despite the ruse they were putting on. Every time they were together, you knew the two of them truly loved each other. Granted, it was in a best friends kind of way, but the feelings were there and had me hoping against hope they would remain that way when their "paper only" marriage ended. I loved how they were so honest with each other and would tell each other when they needed to be with someone else.

Then there was Zach. Zach is Michael's older brother, who is sent to LA to find out why Michael has avoided his family for so long and if the marriage they keep hearing about is real. The moment he sees Karen, he's captivated by her. He fights the good fight against the attraction. Runs home when it gets to be too much and then stays away from her when she and Michael make it back to Utah. But the attraction to Karen isn't the only struggle Zach has. It's also being stuck in their small hometown in Utah. You could tell that Zach longed for more. Not only a woman to truly love, but to find some kind of work that would have meaning. Given those desires, it was no wonder that he would be perfect for Karen.

There are plenty of side characters in this book and we get to meet who I hope is our next couple, Judy and Rick. But this wouldn't be a Weekday Bride book without a bit of suspense and we get that when Karen tries to rescues a teen she runs across in Utah. That ends up bringing the cavalry into Utah to save the day.

I think this is my favorite of the series. I hated when I had to put it down, but when it was in my hands I didn't want it to end.