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Blood Stone

Blood Stone - Tracy Cooper-Posey Blood Stone is a bisexual MMF menage paranormal romance with lots of suspense. This book is book #2 in the Blood Stone series, and I recommend that it be read after the first novel. There is a lot of overlap between the characters in book #1 and this book. There are also several references to the events that happened in book #1.

Blood Stone is the story of Garrett, Kate, and Roman. Garrett and Roman are male vampires that shared a love affair centuries ago. Both have a hidden agenda as they approach Kate, a famous Hollywood director. Kate has a shadowy past of her own, and she falls for Roman (known to her as Adrian) only to find out that Garrett sets her on fire in more than one way. Garrett and Roman rekindle their sizzling love affair. The characters from the first novel Winter, Nial, and Sebastian are great secondary characters that lend depth to this novel. I loved all of the characters. I wanted Kate to have a little more spunk when she is confronted by her past.

The plot had so many twists and turns you had to hang on to the edge of your seat to keep up. This novel was a very lenghty novel which was fine because the story line was full of intrigue, suspense, and erotic romance. The lenght was just right so that the story wasn't rushed and all details were fully explained. I kept being surprised by the unlikely alliances and enemies that creeped up from every corner. You never know who you can really trust and the betrayal comes from different sources each time. This was no quick, boring, easy read with predictable suspense elements. This was a wild ride that I was fully engaged in until the ending and even that had a twist that I wasn't expecting. I can't wait to read the next one.

Reviewed by Michelle for Cocktails and Books