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Come a Little Bit Closer

Come a Little Bit Closer  - Bella Andre COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER is an enchanting, powerful love story about two people falling in love.

Smith Sullivan at age thirty-six is the second oldest sibling in the Sullivan clan of eight. He is a movie star currently working on the movie Gravity. He is not only starring in the movie, but he also wrote the screenplay is the director and producer. Even though Smith is a huge movie star, he has remained grounded and has a close loving relationship with his family. He is immediately attracted to Valentina Landon the first time they meet on the Gravity set. Her sister, Tatiana is co-starting with Smith and Valentina works as her sister’s business manger. Smith wants to date Valentina, but she refuses, because she doesn’t date actors or people she works with.

Smith is the perfect man and I couldn’t help falling in love with him myself. He has it all, fame, fortune and success, but he is also down to earth and a nice guy. This is rare in Hollywood, so rare, that Valetina has a hard time believing he is for real. Smith is charming, powerful, gorgeous, talented, kind and seriously in lust with Valentina. There is a powerful attraction between Smith and Valentina from the moment they meet. Smith tries to convince Valentina to explore it, but she continually resists. What I liked most about Smith was that even though he could have any woman he wants, he never gives up on Valentina. I liked Valentina and sympathize with her cautious attitude. She is a beautiful woman and although she is intelligent, she is also aloof and afraid of getting involved in a relationship. She has built a shell around her heart and won’t let anyone in, except her sister. Valentina is conflicted because she is attracted to Smith, but she has always told herself she would never get involved with an actor.

Bella Andrea is a gifted writer and I was immediately drawn into the story of Smith and Valentina. This is the seventh book in the Sullivan series. Each book is a stand-alone and chronicles a different member in the Sullivan family.

Reviewed by Karen for Cocktails and Books