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Keep Me

Keep Me - Faith  Andrews This book surprised me. With the way the first chapter started, I didn't think there was going to be anyway I was going to like underwear model Marcus Grayson. He was arrogant, cocky and was a complete douche when it came to women. He wielded his dick like it was a sword and he used it to cut a very wide path everywhere he went. But Faith Andrews made like like Marcus. Made me want Marcus to fall (and fall hard) for the girl. Made me jump on the Marcus bandwagon and help him fight to prove his was more than the scores of women he slept with before. In the end, Faith Andrews wove a terrific tale of a manwhore being brought to his knees when he met 'the one'.

Marcus Grayson defined bad boy. The hot underwear model used his tattoos, his body and his smile to get him whatever he wanted...women included. He didn't want to settle down and he never was with the same woman twice. But that all changed when he ran into his sister's high school best friend, Tessa Bradley. From the moment he laid eyes on her in line at Starbucks the things he used to enjoy doing didn't. The only thing that matter was Tessa and how she saw him. Unfortunately, for Marcus, it's not only his reputation that stands in the way of him finding his HEA with Tessa. It's also his sister. She's seen him at his worst and she knows exactly what happens when Marcus hooks up with one of her friends. She fights his relationship with Tessa, making it hard on not only Marcus, but Tessa, in trying to give this relationship a chance.

Marcus isn't the only one with baggage. Tessa comes with a boatload of her own. After leaving her abusive husband, she's trying to forge a new life for herself and her infant son. She's determined to make it on her own. But that's hard to do when she finds herself longing for Marcus. Luckily for Tessa, she also discovers that when she's with Marcus she becomes more of the person she used to be. A person who's not afraid to take risk or have fun. As she sheds more of the "abused Tessa" skin, she discovers that despite their age difference, Marcus' past or even her best friend's objections, she can't stay away from Marcus and really doesn't want to.

The author created an engaging, extremely hot and emotionally connecting story about not letting your past define you and finding happiness, despite the odds. Marcus and Tessa may seem, on paper, to be an oddly matched couple, but as their story unfolds they are absolutely perfect together.