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Trouble In Disguise

Trouble In Disguise - Gem Sivad Trouble in Disguise is the story of two bounty hunters, Beau Beauregard and Deacon McCallister. Beau Beauregard is actually Miracle "Miri" Beauregard. Deacon is a former preacher and widower turned bounty hunter. He is also unaware that Beau is actually a woman with her sights set on him. She has been watching Deacon McCallister and is attracted to him. When he gets captured by an outlaw Miri rides in and saves the day because she is determined that he will be her first. Fortunately, Miri is a master of disguises and has her way with Deacon while undercover at a brothel. I loved Miri's spirit. She took advantage of every opportunity that came her way. She was smart, beautiful, and could handle a whip or gun better than most men. Deacon endured a painful loss and had a conscience that wouldn't allow him to take advantage of a lady in a brothel. Their love story was really sweet and super hot. Once the secret was out Deacon and Miri couldn't get enough of each other.

The storyline moved along at a fast pace. There were very likable secondary characters. Miri and Deacon were characters that were so well written that I immediately wanted the best for them. Both were survivors so it was sort of like cheering on the underdog. I loved the storyline and the characters. I read the book in one day.

Reviewed by Michelle for Cocktails and Books