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The Merry Widow of Tanner's Ford

The Merry Widow of Tanner's Ford - Reece Butler I love cowboys. I love cowboys a lot! This is why I enjoy Reece Butler's book so much. She writes great stories about delicious cowboys, their families, their ranches, and their kinky sex lives. "The Merry Widow of Tanner's Ford" did not disappoint me.

Marci Meshevski has come to town because of a tragedy.I'm not telling, you what kind of tragedy, though. You have to read it yourself. She's rooming with her sister, the town doctor, and she's feeling the need for some...ahem...comfort. Enter Simon MacDougal, a cowboy with a busted leg and a ranch to run. He's just what the doctor ordered. To make things even better, Simon's twin brother, Lance, returns home, and the three of them begin a wonderful relationship. Of course, this is Tanner's Ford, so nothing is ever smooth sailing. Marci has some issues to work through, and her men want to help.

Marci, Simon, and Lance have a very nice chemistry. The two brothers couldn't be anymore different, but they compliment each other, and they both fill different needs in Marci (I fell very hard for Simon, personally.). The sex is off the charts hot. Whether it's Marci with Simon, Marci with Lance, or the three of them together, it's just amazing. The McDougals are very tender, but they can be quite dominant as well. Lance wants to be in charge, and he's not afraid to show it. It's a menage story, so the three of them DO have scenes together, but don't worry, the brothers do not touch each other in any way.

"The Merry Widow of Tanner's Ford" is an offshoot of Reece's "Bride Train" series. It can be read as a stand alone, but I am recommending that you read the "Bride Train" series first. The characters in the "Climax, Montana" series are the decendants of the characters from the other. I'm actually still catching up, and I'm glad that I knew a bit about the backstories before I dove into this story. I'm very pleased that I've gotten to know Ms. Butler's work. I tell everyone that I know to read her books. Definitely check this one out!

Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books