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Shaken Not Stirred

Shaken Not Stirred - Alyssa Rose Ivy Shaken Not Stirred is about Maddy a woman struggling to find herself amidst the expectations of her parents and herself. She spends her summer working at a bar and living with two other guys. She meets Colin first. He asks her out and gets shot down for a while before she gives in. She has this fantasy in her head attached to this guy Lyle who plays music in her bar every Thursday night. They never talk but she loves his lyrics and she let's herself dream of him but not get close. I enjoyed the theme of this book. That we sometimes hold on to a fantasy in order to avoid being let down byour reality. There was a bit of emotional disconnect for me though. I didn't feel really invested in Colin and Maddy once they got together. I spent so much time being suspicious of him that when he turned out to be a good guy I was almost disappointed. The ending was very abrupt. I got a bit of whiplash. But over all I enjoyed the book. There was just something that needed a little smoothing out. Maybe not so much suspense and secrets from Colin so the reader knows he can be trusted.

Reviewed by Kristyn for Cocktails and Books